Audrey Tappan,

Brand Photographer

Audrey is a branding photographer who specializes in fashion and product photography with a vibrant, unique, and colorful flare. Audrey uses Coworkly to set up projects for success and get paid faster by her clients.

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How Audrey balances time

Audrey usually balances 1-2 projects at once

"A typical month includes working with several clients and their scopes are never the same. To avoid crossing hairs each scope includes a breakdown of what each client needs, in layman’s terms, followed by an itemized breakdown of deliverables they’ll receive and when. Following are standard terms for payment, usage, and details about our client-contractor relationship. I’ve made sure my contract is worded so that it can be used with any type of client."

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Sample Work

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What Success Looks Like for Audrey

"Success is receiving the final confirmation that no revisions are needed and I can officially file everything away. This isn’t because I’ve collected all payments, it’s because it feels good to complete something bigger than me. At times projects can take months to complete so seeing my work completed and in action gives me an accomplished feeling."

How she shares her work

"My clients are directed to my website which houses my portfolios, creative deck, and resume so clients don’t need to hunt me down on LinkedIn or wait for me to email them back to see my qualifications. When a client needs a specific set of examples, I’ll create a unique portfolio for their team to review."

Audrey's Discovery Process

"Clients often don't know the creative jargon to get their ideas across fully and lack of proper prep can lead to re-doing work they "thought" they wanted. Something I ask my clients to pick a few of their favorite images from my portfolio so I know what style brought them to my page. In conjunction with that, I ask for a sample that isn't mine that they like."