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Invest in the Creative Freelancer's Virtual Sidekick

In the United States, 15 Million creative freelancers feel lonely without support. We're a platform that changes that, helping them set their bookings, payments, & worklife on autopilot.
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The Raise

$1.5M Seed

A seed round of capital to go towards growing our product team & marketing

Future-of-work Investors

We're looking for partners who are excited about our space and mission.

Round Closes: March 15th


Pitch & Demos

We want to change the way 15 Million people freelance. We need great advisors, investors and connections. You in?
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"Why is your team the right team?"

We've been freelance creatives. We've hired freelance creatives. We understand the problems inherently and we're passionate about them. In other words, this company is a dream-come-true for us.

To top that off, we bring design/marketing, engineering, and management chops.

See our Connor's (cofounder/CEO) recent LinkedIn post about why Coworkly's mission matters to him personally.

"How do you make money?"

Our model is a transaction-based marketplace model - we make 6.5% - 12% rake on each project booked on our platform. We plan to offer freemium subscription tiers by end of 2022.

"How are you different/innovative?"

Most freelancers still rely on traditional methods (networking, referrals, etc) to get new clients and projects because they find online gig platforms, job boards, and recruitment platforms  oversaturated, inauthentic, and frustrating.

That leaves a lot of room for improvement.

We're different because our platform enables freelancers to set up seamless bookings, payments, and project flows. In turn, that makes it easier for the brands/clients working with the freelancers to understand the expectations of each project, make adjustments based on their brand goals, and book talent on their own terms.

"Is this market big enough?"

The market we're currently targeting (freelance creative professionals) consists of around 15 million freelancers in the United States. If we choose to expand beyond creative, the market is massive - 53-55 million freelancers in the US alone.

"What's your phase of the product?"

We built a very early MVP that had traction (~90K in revenue, around 100 users) and recently released a re-hauled BETA product in late October 2021.

"What's your tech stack?"

Web stack Front End: React + Redux

Web stack Back End: GraphQL (apollo) & NodeJS (express)

Cloud infra:  AWS - EC2 (Debian/Ubuntu linux),  RDS (MySQL) & S3 (Storage) + CloudFront (CDN),  SES (mail)

Other:  Gitlab (Code repo + CI/CD),  Cloudflare (DNS),  Airtable + Intercom + SendGrid (Inbound marketing content)

"What's your traction to date?"

As of December 2021, we've soft-launched a beta platform to around 70 users. 66% clicked, 25% signed up. The initial tools we released focus on solving money/sales goals for our users, with a scope builder, bookable scopes, the shareable sales link, and project dashboards/itineraries.

– $96K in sales to date, $10K in the pipeline

– 250+ beta users in the pipeline

– Median transaction size is ~$3K

It's the perfect time to join us on the journey. We're about to make a lot freelancers and their clients happy.

"What's your vision for the company?"

In 10 years, Coworkly is ubiquitous with freelance work-life, providing tools to connect, inspire, self-promote, and work. In 2033, we're enabling a world where freelancing isn't considered brave or risky, but instead, the nomadic norm.

Our 3-5 year plan includes bringing our mission to a global market, integrating with other work tools/marketplaces, and creating an authentic ecosystem around freelance work.

"Aren't you just another gig platform?"

We are not just another marketplace or project management tool. We're one seamless way set  freelance bookings, payments and work-life goals on auto-pilot. We're the support that freelancers don't currently get in their day-to-day.