Kirk Wallace,

Illustrator &
Art Director

Kirk is a spectacular illustrator & designer based in the Greater Boston area. He runs a small studio called BoneHaüs. Kirk uses Coworkly to set up projects for success and get paid faster...without the awkwardness.

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How Kirk balances time

Kirk usually scopes 4-6 week projects

"Ideally we're spending a 4-6 weeks on a project and I'm coming in at an early stage where I can help develop a strategy and visual identity with illustration for a brand. I spend a lot of time up front discussing goals and creating a strong unique story for a client before jumping into the artwork."

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Sample Work

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What Success Looks Like for Kirk

"Working with a client again. Fortunately, I've worked with most of my clients multiple times where budgets increase year over year. I had a conversation once at the end of a project that went something like, "We hired you because we loved your style and work, but we really found out the value is in your way of thinking and strategy on top of everything else" -- I love being sought out for my ideas as well as my execution."

How he shares his work

"Dribbble, Behance, Instagram and most importantly my website/portfolio. The portfolio is the place I can ultimately dictate exactly how the project is viewed and received fully. I typically will point people to specific projects on my website if they're looking for samples. Sometimes I'll create a more distilled PDF of images specific to the projects needs."

Kirk's Discovery Process

"It's a lot of talking at first, and moreover, it's a lot of listening. We all know it takes an hour to get a conversation interesting, and then another hour to hit on the special bits. So I listen a lot, ask questions, and then compile some inspiration and market landscape questions. It's really important to me that client's feel like they're along for the decision making when it's necessary, and then trust me when it's no longer necessary for them to be side by side."