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Brand Strategist


This person can help you identify your goals and turn those goals into a living brand strategy that guides your vision, personality, messaging, positioning, and customer service process. The brand strategist's innate skill is the ability to listen, research, and turn around a thoughtful strategy that aims to achieve your brand's goals.


They know how to:
unify your company, influence a market, and create and implement the brand experience that can directly affect your company's success
They are able to help you:
define your brand internally (brand core), position your brand in the market (brand positioning) and define your brand externally (brand persona)

What makes them great

A good brand strategist will:

  • Have a clear plan
  • Have insights & knowledge of your industry and audience
  • Care about your business goals
  • Value authenticity
  • Be interested in the visual strategy and how that works with your brand strategy


Good Listener
Big-picture thinker

Average Rate Card


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Top Skills
Plan development
Strategy meeting leader
Tactical Strategy
Market/competitive analysis
Software & Hard Skills
Adobe Indesign
Microsoft Office
Project management tools
Common Personality traits
Good Listener
Big-picture thinker
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